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  • City of Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
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Nevada Licensed Adjuster #35596
Arizona Licensed Adjuster #1013122

Property Damage Investigations - Nevada

Protocol has a cadre of experienced property adjusters. None of the adjusters have any less than 20 years, and the cadre averages well over 20 years. Specialties include: business interruption, rents, commercial property, mobile home, building foundation movement, mold/fungi, catastrophe, and flood.

With our state of the art computer and software systems our adjusters are empowered to promptly serve clients. All components in the report package (estimates, reports, diagrams, photos, activity notes, letters, signature documents) are 100% digital and completed by the handling adjuster through their network workstation without double entry of the assignment data, thereby eliminating the �clerical pool� excuse that you have too often heard. That coupled with several email reporting options afford you unparalleled turnaround time.

Protocol Insurance Services is a full service independent adjusting company offering services throughout Nevada and Arizona. With over 52 years combined experience in the insurance claims industry, our team of knowledgeable adjusters handle both residential and commercial property damage claims. We work closely with the insurance carrier to determine the cause and origin of the property damage, provide detailed reports, photographs and maintain ongoing communication during the investigation process. Our team of adjusters and management personnel has experienced all types of catastrophe situations, and we stand ready to help you overcome the trying times associated with catastrophes.


Property Damage Investigations Nevada

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